January 2018

Connecting with our Community

We've been so excited about our 30th anniversary, and our new look, that we couldn't help but spread the word. A big thanks to local media for supporting this effort! As more and more people and places recognize the significance of mental health and wellness in the workplace, and in life, the services we provide our communities are not only relevant but necessary. We are so grateful for both past and present community support. Here's where you can find us in the news! 


Some reflections on a new year....

I USED to think that New Year's resolutions were a bit silly. I USED to think, "why pick January 1 to start making positive changes? That can happen anytime!" But, more and more I'm finding that ANY reason to get us thinking about making positive changes in our lives is a good one. So, if another new year inspires you to reflect on the past with insight and learning, set goals for the future, and determine what needs to change TODAY in order to achieve those goals, well then that is an annual tradition worth celebrating and continuing.