June 2019

High Work Engagement and Work Stress

High work engagement refers to viewing one’s job as very important, taking one’s job seriously, and applying a great degree of effort toward the successful execution of one’s job. Being highly engaged with work is often touted as an ideal way for workers to be on the job and as the best approach for achieving career success and satisfaction. Indeed, being highly engaged with work can lead to career success and satisfaction. However, if other work-related factors are not present, then high work engagement can also be related to serious mental health challenges.

Welcoming Our Newest Team Member

We are excited to announce that starting in May we had a Counselling Intern join our team!

Cheryl Close is in the final stages of completing her Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. She will be joining us 3 days per week and seeing clients from May till December 2019 in order to complete her clinical practicum requirements. Cheryl enjoys the outdoors and has a passion for nature. 

Welcome to the team Cheryl!