COVID-19 Weekly Bulletin April 22, 2020

The 5th edition of the UIC Coping With COVID-19 Bulletin is now available.  In it we talk about Mindfulness and how it can help deal with the stress of our current times.  We also provide information on a new Federal Government mental health portal that is accessible to all Canadians called  Wellness Together Canada.

Please feel free to share the bulletin with your friends and family.  The Wellness Resource could come in handy for those that do not already have access to counselling services and resources.

You can also find the bulletin in the newsletter area of our website under Wellness Resources.  Or you can share the link with your friends from our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram feeds where we post the bulletins, along with additional updates and information.

Also, just a reminder that we are still open for appointments.  Stay safe and healthy.