Finishing up a great year of 30th anniversary celebrations!

As part of our 30th Anniversary we aspired to ready our organization for many exciting changes to come. We began by renovating our offices. After three decades in the community, we were ready to experience a more modern, serene, and beautiful space for us and all our clients to be comforted by.

Then we decided to freshen up the look and feel of our brand. While we are so proud of our history, we wanted to start our 31st year by welcoming in a new era complete with a new look and feel! We designed and built a brand new website and logo to ensure that they too were current, and reflected the adaptations that we have made over the years to become the organization we are today. We'd like to extend a huge thanks to Chameleon Creative and Sweet Sea for their talent in creating our beautiful new website. 

Now, with updated offices, a fresh online presence, and a reenergized team, Upper Island Counselling is looking ahead to 2018. We are well situated to provide an elevated service to members of our EFAP, and to foster new partnerships with other community organizations and businesses toward improved mental health and wellness for people, families, workplaces, and communities.

We look forward to continuing to offer communities on the upper island a compassionate and comprehensive service that is accessible and reliable. We care about you, your family, and your workplace, because we too live and work in these communities. For this reason, your outcomes matter to us. 

So, what outcomes would you like to see in your life? What would have to change to allow that to happen? Give us a call and we’ll talk about it.

All the best in health and wellness for 2018. 

Kelsi Baine

Executive Director / Counsellor