Thoughts for Spring

It’s already the end of March! 2018! It seems that one thing we can count on in life is that is moves quickly. The saying used to go that "time flies when you are having fun", but it seems to me that even through grief, depression, illness, or crisis, people are always surprised at how the weeks go by. So, given that there are very few constants that we can count on in life, if this is one of them, then the lesson of "enjoy today", "practice mindfulness", "carpe diem", "be present" - is more important than ever to really grasp, embrace, and sustain. 


Today, I'm thinking about spring. Its tied for first with summer for me. It reminds me of constant change, the cycle of life, resilience for having made it through another winter (plants, animals, weeds, bugs, and humans), and it gets me excited that summer is coming as it always does. It’s good to have things to look forward to. 


Here at Upper Island Counselling we are grateful for how busy we have been and feel fortunate to be able to provide support to so many people as this is what we love to do. We are also grateful for the ongoing support from our 81 member companies. With April upon us, as is the national Day of Mourning on April 28th. 


"Workers, families, employers, and communities come together each year at ceremonies held around the province to remember those who have lost their lives on the job and to renew our commitment to creating healthy and safe workplaces."


Leading up to and on this day we reflect on the workplace fatalities that we have responded to over the years. We think of the family members of those people and wonder how they are healing from their loss. If this day is close to home for you, we hope that you can take some time to surround yourself with your friends and family, your memories, your comforts, and other supports as needed for your journey with grief. We will continue our commitment to supporting workplace safety by supporting the mental health and wellness needs of our clients and communities. Please remember to reach out to us for help when you need to.


Kelsi Baine

Executive Director / Counsellor