Critical Incident Response

When a critical incident, trauma, or tragedy occurs at your workplace Upper Island Counselling is here to support you through the recovery process. Following a critical incident, it is common for those who are impacted to experience a range of distressing symptoms. These symptoms can be understood as normal reactions to abnormal events. Such an experience can impact a person's mental health, relationsips, and ability to perform effectively and safely at work.

We will work with management following a critical incident to coordinate;

  • Having counsellors on site for crisis counselling.
  • Having counsellors on site for management consultation and support.
  • The careful scheduling and grouping of critical incident stress debriefings (CISD), as required.
  • The dispersion of educational materials and resources on critical incident stress and trauma.
  • Follow up support.

 At Upper Island Counselling we care about you, your family, and your workplace. We will strive to help you return to a state of wellness again after a traumatic event.