Welcome to E-Counselling from Upper Island Counselling Services


If you live in remote areas or have physical limitations that prevent you from attending a counselling in one of our offices, e-counselling may be a service that works for you. This type of service is delivered in a chat room and is conducted through written exchange between a counsellor and client.  Our website offers the highest level of security and confidentiality by providing you with a portal that is accessible to you only at the time of the e-counselling session. Please note, e-counselling is not intensive psychotherapy and if that is a service you require please call us to make a face-to-face counselling appointment.

E-Counselling provides you with access from anywhere you are located in BC. This type of service is fast, easily accessible, cost effective, and time efficient.    

Contact us via telephone, email or click "E-counselling" icon at bottom of your screen for more information on e-counselling or to arrange an e-counselling session.

If you have a session booked now and want to talk to our counsellor, please click on the "E-counselling" icon at the bottom of your screen.