Upper Island Counselling operates on a not for profit, shared risk/pooled resources model where member companies pay a small monthly fee per employee. We deliver a cost effective, high quality EFAP to our member companies and, unlike other EFAP’s, by providing the service in real time in our community, we are able to tailor our service delivery to your employee’s needs. Please get in touch with us so we can help you determine the resource requirements for your organization to benefit from joining Upper Island Counselling.
The service is completely confidential. Utilization statistics are reported to member companies on an annual basis, or more frequently if requested. We are happy to work with you to provide the degree of usage statistics you require, while maintaining complete confidentiality of individual users.
Yes, you are welcome to call our counsellors for a confidential consultation about an employee situation.
No. Our counselling services are accessed voluntarily. Employers can provide information about the EFAP at Upper Island Counselling, but the decision to make the appointment is the choice of the employee.
Yes. One hour presentations and “lunch and learn” style talks are provided at no additional charge. Longer half or full day workshops are also available at a reasonable fee to our members. For a complete list of current presentations see our Workshops and Presentations
Our staff will always prioritize critical incident response and do everything we can to support your company following a tragedy or traumatic event. We will come to the worksite to offer support and guidance, and will work with management to organize safe and effective critical incident stress debriefing groups in the days to come. Ongoing support, be it individual or group, will occur by request. We have experience addressing a wide range of critical incidents and are well versed in best practices for addressing emotional and mental health issues in a manner that supports returning your team to productivity as effectively as possible.