Our Values

The UICS System of Care: We form partnerships with member organizations to improve the well being of their employees resulting in improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, increased workplace morale and a reduction in substance abuse. Whatever the size of the employee group, UICS offers a progressive employee benefit program that is geared toward building strong relationships of care and service from the first phone call to the final closing counselling session.

To ensure lasting success for both employees and employers, our priorities are prevention through education and early intervention, full assessment and referral, if required, and quality cost-effective and integrated services. The UICS System of Care follows a client from the assessment and treatment stage to after care and follow up. We care what happens to our clients because we know that they are someone's neighbor or friend or a local teacher with their teenager or someone who has been laid off and needs some support and compassion. They are community members that matter to us because we live here and we are committed to giving the best service we can when they reach out for help. There is no fixed limit on the number of sessions a person can have. The counsellor and client work together to decide how many sessions are required.

We provide a full service package that organizations can rely on and their employees can call on anytime.