What makes us unique

Outcomes matter at Upper Island Counselling. Since our founding in 1987 we have focused on delivering positive outcomes through immediate and efficient service provision. That same level of commitment to results is seen in our private counselling sessions as well.

We measure outcomes on an individual basis. We seek to help clients address their area of concern or distress with compassionate, professional counselling that is efficient, effective and focused on achieving their personal wellness goals.

Several attributes set us apart:

  • We are a not for-profit society owned and operated at the community level and governed by a board of directors.
  • There is no fixed limit to the number of counselling sessions per individual or eligible family member, per year.
  • Outcomes matter to us. Achieving your goals, reducing your distress, and improving your overall health and wellness benefits you, your family, your workplace, and the communities in which we all live and work.
  • We make it simple. On your first call we strive to offer you a session within a week. We do not conduct an intake over the phone, or ask that you share your personal concern prior to your first counselling session.
  • We offer 24/7 phone access to our counsellors for workplace emergencies and consultations.
  • Our counsellors and staff live and work in your community and understand local issues and local wellness resources.
  • We provide critical incident response, and critical incident stress debriefings to our members at no additional cost.

We provide wellness resources, materials, books, and one hour presentations to our clients and members at no additional cost. 


Our Mission

Caring for our clients, member companies, and communities with compassion, clinical expertise, and a commitment to overall health and wellness.