For your Workplace

Healthy employees, healthy families, healthy companies.

Our story began in 1987 when Upper Island companies and labour organizations began to recognize that if they could better support employees and their families, healthier people would deliver better results, create safer workplaces, and build stronger communities.

To that end, Upper Island Counselling was founded and tasked to provide support for employees and their families that would offer accessibility, professionalism, compassion, and positive outcomes.

UIC is here to provide counselling and wellness resources so that our clients, our member companies, and our communities can be healthy and productive. We deliver a range of counselling services in house and work with community agencies and treatment centers to offer the most comprehensive and effective services possible.

Outcomes matter to us. As a not for profit society, our success is measured by the outcomes we deliver to our member companies employees and families.

How we support your Workplace

Meeting Your Organization’s Needs

Whatever the size of your employee group, we are committed to anticipating your ever-changing needs and delivering relevant, cost-effective services. Beyond providing direct access to counselling for your employees, we also offer the following for employers and managers:

  • Guidance and consultation for supporting employees with personal or work issues.
  • Involvement in companywide educational programs and health and wellness programs.
  • Team building and group dynamics.
  • Trauma and critical incident response.
  • Educational health and wellness presentations and workshops.
  • EFAP training of selected worksite representatives or committees.
  • Liaison and consultation with EFAP representatives by request.
  • Worksite visits and awareness presentations to promote and personalize the EFAP program.

Workplaces are vulnerable both emotionally and financially to an employee's personal difficulties. We can help you protect your greatest asset - your employees.

Outcomes matter to us. We specialize in helping employees and their families address a wide range of potential problems in their lives, allowing them to regain focus and balance at home and work. By partnering with us, you are investing in your employees and your organization. Employees who access our services are anticipated to positively contribute to your organization through:

  • Improved productivity;
  • Increased workplace safety;
  • Decreased absenteeism;
  • Better stress management and conflict resolution strategies;
  • Increased overall morale creating a more positive workplace for all.

The Employer’s Role 

In order to promote and maintain a strong EFAP, the employer plays an important role.  This can include things like:

  • ensuring Upper Island Counselling's contact information is visibly posted for all employees
  • creating awareness about EFAP services by making program materials (brochures, cards, newsletter) available to the employees and sent home to families
  • requesting workshops or presentations that are relevant to the employee group
  • having one or more EFAP representatives to act as a liaison between Upper Island Counselling and your organization

If your workplace would appreciate increased involvement in our organization, being a part of our governance board is an excellent option.  Representation on our Board of Directors allows you and your company to both support and have a voice in the continuing development of Upper Island Counselling and its services.  The time commitment is only 5 meetings per year (approx. 60 mins).  A strong supportive Board is an integral part of any not for profit organization. Please contact us with any questions or interest regarding our Board.